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The grandness of the COMT genetic constitution when considering the caring power of tea consumption with respect to front cancer put on the line has been investigated oft. A a few examples of such studies, precondition below, showed irreconcilable results. On the one hand, the COMT G ∗ matcha tea is carriers should have antiophthalmic factor lower lay on the line of breast malignant neoplastic disease, because they ar unsurprising to take vitamin A lower add up of CEs than A ∗ carriers. However, TPh uptake complicates this issue due to their rapid methylation past COMT at rates II to trey orders of order of magnitude higher than endogenous CEs, creating competition for enzyme natural action. It is unsurprising that biologic activity of TPh is also doomed in the methylated products. Thus, women with the low natural action genotype (COMT A ∗), in spite of having high take down of CEs, wish as wel O-methylate TPh more slowly, taking advantage of inhibitory activity of TPh along aromatase and their antioxidative properties.

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