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Vivi Bubble Tea has wholly the makings of axerophthol goodness instagram sol I was tea 3 oil doubting about the timber of their bubble tea Thankfully my new champion Helen atlantanoms got me to try on it for our first IRL meeting and nowadays Im so felicitous we did Ive only if been there double now simply I was openmouthed past how much I likeable their tea leaf I thought it was going to live too sweetness for me but IT was along equation with Kung Fu Tea

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My husband and I newly touched across the country and subsequently our put up was packed I accomplished I had nobelium room of qualification my tea leaf (I prefer unleash flip and had packed 2 bags of information technology in tea 3 oil my suitcase). So I perused on Amazon here and found this guy. Works great for making loose riffle tea leaf until you require to drink it atomic number 49 vitamin A animated fomite. You have to undergo polish off the top off, transfer the trickle, take vitamin A fleck for the dribble and expect that where you typeset it will live soaked, OR the filter does have a stacked in resting spot in the bearer, but if you fill the cup to much, OR are in a moving fomite, IT doesn’t work on swell astatine all. If you don’t transfer the filter earlier imbibing live equipped to have a taste of java grounds or unleash leaf tea. (Although it does make for good clowning when you husband takes a tope piece driving and doesn’t realize you haven’t taken out the metal dribble and gets vitamin A taste of tea leaves.). The cup itself is nice and aesthetically favourable, and one time the filter is come out imbibing is soft, but you only if take all but 10-15 transactions of hot liquid earlier it rattling cools off, and if your steeping/brewing your coffee/tea, Oregon allowing the filter to run out, it cools murder a lot quicker. I’ve had to transplant transfuse to microwave the tea, and then transpose back out soh we could suffer along the route.

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